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As a veterinary hospital owner, have you ever considered the importance of building a winning team for your veterinary hospital? If not, it’s time to reflect on why. Building a successful team is crucial for achieving championships and goals, not only within the four walls of your hospital but also beyond. In addition to your internal team, you must also focus on the team of advisors who guide you on your ownership journey. Let’s explore the parallels between sports teams and your veterinary practice team, and the significance of building and managing both effectively.

Internal Team: The Backbone of your Hospital

Just like a sports team, your veterinary practice requires a well-rounded mix of talent to succeed. Your internal team consists of veterinarians, technicians, client service representatives, and support staff who play integral roles in delivering exceptional care and service to your clients and their pets. It is your responsibility to carefully build and develop this team, ensuring a harmonious balance of experienced professionals, rising stars, and essential support staff. To gain deeper insights into team building, consider reading “Good to Great” by Jim Collins. This resource provides valuable knowledge on identifying the right team members and aligning their roles with their skills and interests. Additionally, business improvement advisors who specialize in team building can offer guidance and provide tools to assess your team’s needs effectively.

External Team: The Guidance You Need

While your internal team focuses on the day-to-day operations of your veterinary hospital, your external team of advisors is essential for addressing the business aspects of ownership. These advisors serve different purposes, including growth advisors, risk management advisors, personal financial advisors, business improvement advisors, and exit advisory team members. Their collective expertise helps de-risk your business, enhance growth opportunities, and support your long-term success.

The needs of your external team will evolve over time, and it’s crucial to establish a system within your business to regularly assess those needs. This ensures that you have the right advisors in place to guide you through various stages of the ownership cycle, from starting and growing your practice to planning for an eventual exit.


Building a winning team is vital for your veterinary hospital’s success. Just like a sports team’s general manager, you must carefully select and develop your internal team, comprising veterinarians, technicians, client service representatives, and support staff. Simultaneously, assembling a strong external team of advisors specialized in various aspects of business ownership is essential.

At Three and One Veterinary Advisors, we focus on building the external team that supports your business’s growth, de-risking efforts, personal financial planning, business improvement, and exit planning. In our upcoming blog posts, we will delve deeper into the specific roles of team members at different stages of the ownership cycle.

Remember, championships and goals are achieved through the collective efforts of a winning team. Invest time and resources in building, managing, and continuously assessing and improving both your internal and external teams to drive long-term success in your veterinary hospital.

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